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Exercise is a big part of a healthy lifestyle.

It improves your fitness and resistance. You have more energy and feel better about yourself.

But what if you do not feel comfortable in a regular sports school

There are many (young) adults who would like to practice sports, but who do not feel comfortable in the regular gym.

Even though they are keen:
  • They miss the connection in the group
  • Experience too much pressure to perform
  • Can not keep up with the pace
  • Have difficulty learning the techniques
  • The fun in sports is overshadowed by anxiety and uncertainty

Do not put yourself on the side line any longer

Proset Autism offers a successfully adapted tennis program for adults. Using creative instruction and positive stimulus, the program focuses on the development of motor skills, coordination, endurance, technique and timing. You improve your tennis skills and feel fit and happy!

A healthy and active lifestyle at your own level

With the specially developed method you are not only working on your sports and tennis skills, but also self-confidence, concentration and perseverance. Proset Autism facilitates and promotes a healthy and active lifestyle that suits you.

Weather you play sports with friends and family

The instructional methods has been developed as a result, adults surprisingly make big steps in tennis technique and skills fast. After the program, participants will feel a lot better and more confident to work out with friends and family.

Program options

To suit your needs we have several options

Package 10 lessons


10 weeks

  • check dates in schedule
  • Price includes tax
  • Tax receipt available
  • Multiple Locations
  • Specialized Trainers

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    Semi-private Lesson


    per lesson

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    • You’ll be with 1 or 2 other tennis players
    • Price includes tax
    • tax receipt available
    • Locations Westboro or TBD
    • Specialized Trainers

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    We Collaborate

    With some great organizations

    Spectrum Intervention Group
    Commission Scolaire de Montreal
    Kuper Academy