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Adapted Sport program

We encourage more physical and sensory activity in a school environment

Proset Autism provides extra-curricular adaptive activities for students ranging from kindergarten till secondary level. They have a chance to play, learn and develop at their own pace in a fun, structured and familiar surrounding.

Program Goals

Activate the students senses, through the use of color, tactile feeling of objects, and movement of different exercises throughout the lesson. Pride and accomplishments in achieving incremental goals in a group or individual situations ex : ( throwing or catching a tennis ball) and responsively following the right pattern. Organize oneself in the group, by involving each other to work cohesively, on a task, that demands a practice lesson, or playing a game. Provide opportunities for the students to share roles as a team leader, by therefore choosing a game of their choice. Provide opportunities for the student to understand the philosophy of playing a game, and to try and understand the principals of a game.

Highlighting Points

All games that are played in both the gym and or outside on the tennis court teach the students to utilize all of their abilities , incorporating the following: imagination, balance, rhythm, emotion and determination.

Here are some of the games, the children will be playing that teach the kids on a continuous level:
  • 1. Prince and Dragons ( Teach them a collective game, to take turns in a shared environment and work on aiming, striking a ball or, blocking a ball).
  • 2. Cube ( 1-1) Interactive game addressing playing together.
  • 3. Space invaders ( Collective game)